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Maybe you're burn out? Or maybe not.

Updated: May 18, 2021

First and foremost, don't judge yourself.

Second thing, there's too much pressure and overanalyzing in the world. So many of you are amazing, so relax. Rather than beating yourself up over "burnout" or "being lazy", just chill for a minute. Sometimes a relaxation and a calm period is exactly right and you can either "go back" or it may open up a new opportunity.

Third thing, let's say your rest period makes you think about what you could do with your newest opportunity: a stimulus check or PPE loan. A lot of people make the mistake of getting their stimulus and immediately spending it on something dumb that they do not need. Instead, think of the many things you can do with the opportunity this check provides. You could invest it, put it into your business, run ads with it to try and grow your personal brand, pay off some of your debt, and tons more.

If there is anything we can all take away from 2020 it is that saving is super important and you should never put yourself in a position to lose everything.


1. Don't judge yourself

2. Take a breath

3. Make wise decisions and execute

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