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Nº1 MECHANIC (Trident Motorsport)

Updated: Jul 29, 2021


Trident Motorsport with current F2 and F3 teams is looking for a full-time Nº1 Mechanic.

The personnel we are looking for must have the following requirement.


• Work hard for the benefit of the team;

• Dedicated to improving himself and the team;

• Ability to collaborate with others;

• Maximum disposal availability towards the Team;

• Enthusiastic person, willing;

• Person able to find solutions;

• Motivated and motivating;

• Flexible to travel and always available for the Team;

• Person dedicated to actively contributing to the performance of the team with the aim of achieving

sporting and corporate goals.

• Compliance with internal laws and regulations during the execution of the work.

• Person who can handle pressure.

• Respect for hierarchies and roles.

• Person capable and willing to follow a working method.

• Order and cleanliness.

• Willingness to improve.

Knowledge and skills

• Proven knowledge of Formula racing cars (FIA F2 - FIA F3 - World Series).

• Ability to intervene in the presence of problems, aimed at obtaining a quick solution even under

pressure, in compliance with safety standards.

• Organizational and communication skills.

Details of the mechanic's job:

• Language: being able to speak Italian and English fluently;

• Age: 20 to 40;

• Base Location: Italian, preferably resident near Milan;

• Complete mechanic capable of disassembling and overhauling the front and rear of the car, in

particular the gearbox;

• Ability to Weld;

• Ability to Turn;

• Ability to mill;

• Ability to decorate racing cars (wrapping);

• Shock absorbers review;

• Knowledge of vehicle wiring;

• Ability to perform Pit Stops, physically prepared person;

• Processing of composite materials such as carbon;

• Person able to study and know the technical manual of the car on which he works;

• Truck Driver if needed (optional, but better if you have a driving license)

• Knowledge of metals and different types of bolts (small parts)

To apply, please send your CV to

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