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Our Program

This is the first Motorsport MBA Leadership Management course that takes you behind the scenes of Teams' and Companies' day-to-day operations. We show you what really matters and what it takes to manage a motorsport business. Explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms with factual content, our course is easy to implement and use in your career today.

Why choose us?

An MBA unlike any other

Traditional Motorsport business management programs and MBAs are often expensive, outdated, and in many cases irrelevant to today’s competitive workplace. Student debt is higher than ever, MBA students are graduating with unfulfilled expectations and aren’t landing their dream jobs. Many Motorsport entrepreneurs and business owners lack the basic skills and cross-functional knowledge to scale their businesses - we're here to help you learn everything you need to succeed.


Our solution


Top business education doesn’t need to be expensive. We offer a new program with an innovative and revolutionary method. With The Motorsport MBA, you learn directly from the best. Our program is constantly updated, and the lessons we share are always actionable. We’ve taken the jargon out of business education by developing a real-world curriculum, delivered in easily digestible 10-minute classes, backed by the world’s most passionate and fastest-growing Motorsport community.






Raul Castells,

The Motorsport MBA Founder

Our Mission:

  • Open up access to key knowledge, tools, and inspiration to all that want to learn, wherever you are.
  • We are ax ourselves to transform traditional Motorsport business education day by day
  • It’s time to fix it. 
    Top business education doesn’t need to be expensive. Why we should spend tens of thousands of € on such fundamental and transformational knowledge?
  • Education needs to be Flexible and Convenient. It should adapt to your daily routine, not the other way around. Why should you have to leave your job or put your life on pause for two years?
  • You should be learning from those who’ve been there. Experience beats theory, every time. Surely it makes sense, therefore, that your teachers have a real-world, tangible experience rather than just cumulative hours in front of a chalkboard?
  • Education needs to be efficient. Is it really necessary to spend hundreds (sometimes thousands) of hours in a classroom? It’s scientifically proven that your brain disconnects after a certain point. So, why not learn in small doses?
  • Education needs to be up to date. The business world has changed more in the last years than in the previous 30. Is everything you studied in your degree or MBA still applicable today?
  • Knowing how to put theory into practice is what sets you apart. What’s the point of accumulating theoretical ideas for hours on end without even knowing how to apply them?