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Of course every case is different and for sure all of us we know someone doing a "great job" that came with no experience. But let's say most of the cases will ask you for some motorsport background.

  • Apprenticeship-Internship positions.

Lots of motorsport companies and big teams as F1 have those incredible opportunities!

  • Track Marshall

We all see the ones waiving the flags during a race. The perfect place to start knowing how races working and to start making new contacts ;)

  • Circuit coordinator

It's incredible the amount of jobs that needs to be done during a race weekend, even on race tracks or rallies for example the circuits or promoters will need and extra help to support all needs.

  • Federations helper

This is a nice way to get into the industry, go there and ask if you can help with anything they may need. You will surprise how your contacts agenda increase with a couple of races

  • Social Media

Here will be more to know how to communicate and what content works the best base on data, than having a motorsport background. You will need to know some technical words to make looks you know about you are talking about. But you can easy figured out. ;)

  • Assistant

All companies and teams (bosses) in a certain point they may need some extra help, in any case this will be the best of all scenarios to learn in a high level and get all the good stuff insides

  • Tire fitter

No explanation need it. You easy can learn how those machines works if you are good with some hand hard jobs.

  • Travel planner

All the racing circus needs hotel, cars, tickets arrangements

  • Marketing

Helping getting some extra money into the team and know how to sell yourself and take the most advantage of your public will be key

  • Logistics/shipping

Sending goods from point A to point B, is more to know the procedures/rules, customs, special tricks of the transports. But having a knowledge about what you are moving may helps as well too

Do you thing we could add more jobs? Tell us your case or the ones you know, for sure are more jobs out there that we could add it!

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