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How Has Bose Secured Massive Profits Due To Mercedes F1 Team Boss Toto Wolff?

Toto Wolff was seen smashing a headphone in frustration during the recently concluded Saudi Arabia Grand Prix the video of which went viral.

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff is usually a very calm and composed person and watching him lose his cool is a very rare sight. However recently during the Saudi Arabia Formula one Grand Prix, Toto Wolff was seen smashing a headphone in frustration, the video of which went viral. The viral video also proved to be a profitable one for electronic giant Bose.

Formula One: Toto Wolff breaks Bose headphones

Bose brand is the official team partner of the Mercedes F1 team in sound. Mercedes F1 shared a video on their social media handle in which Toto Wolff can be seen breaking his Bose headset to pieces in frustration. According to one of the Twitter user Vincenzo Landino, the video of Toto Wolff breaking Bose headphones has offered the company with over 4 million impressions. In addition to that, Bose has also earned nearly $25,000 of value.

According to the report by the incident of Toto Wolff smashing Bose headphones happened on lap 38 of the Saudi Arabia GP. Red Bull driver Max Verstappen was defending his place against Lewis Hamilton, due to which both drivers went off the track. The incident saw race director, Michael Masi, demanding Verstappen to lose his lead to Hamilton.

However, due to a massive miscommunication between Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes team led to the F1 champion crashing into the back of Verstappen’s Red Bull car, damaging his front wing. Toto Wolff watched the moment right in front of him and vented out the frustration on the Bose headphone.

source: republicworld. com

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