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Updated: May 18, 2021

In #Motorsport like in other places, having a great updated Linkedin profile is so important!

Imagine the job of your dreams has just been posted on #Linkedin 🤩

The company recruiting is looking for the skills, knowledge and experience that you have and it all sounds perfect.

You think it’s an amazing opportunity for you.

➡️ BUT before jumping right in to apply, you have to remember that Linkedin has over 700 million users around the world.

This means that this platform is flooded with highly qualified professionals with similar profiles that will go for this same job that you’d very much like to get.

So if you’d like to be the candidate that catches the attention of the recruiter for this position, you’ll have to optimize your profile ✅

You have to make your profile stand out from the sea of applicants going after the same job.

Not working on your profile means you’re missing out on an endless amount of possibilities every day that Linkedin has to offer.

If you think your profile is going unnoticed and you have no idea where to start, we have 4 simple tips on how to make your Linkedin profile better.


Let recruiters find you easily by using the right keywords in your profile (especially in your headline) that are related to your profession and the job you're looking for.


Your profile photo should be professional. Don't use the same profile photo you use for your other social media accounts.

TIP: Use a photo of you in action or something related to your field


Tell the Linkedin community your story: who you are, your achievements, what value you can offer to a company or a potential client. In short, what makes you different and stand out.

TIP: End your summary with a CTA (Call to action) asking recruiters or anyone who'd like to reach out to send you an email/message.


Adding your skills to your Linkedin profile is a powerful way to prove your knowledge and abilities since your connections endorse them.

TIP: Add specific skills that recruiters are interested in for the jobs you're looking for.

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